Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fast forward three years later (after moving in)... My husband comes home one day talking to me about his day, people he's talked to, etc. He was a Navy Recruiter at the time and spent a lot of time in Franklin and surrounding areas meeting and talking to people all day. He had been exploring our downtown when he happened to wander into the Franklin Downtown Association's office to meet Nancy Drake for the first time. Nancy Drake had served as Downtown Association Manager for the Historic District then. There is only one comment I remember specifically being made by Nancy to the hubby that was relayed to me, and that was, "I wish somebody would do something about this historic district." What could that comment mean? What DID that comment mean!?--It was surely a mystery to me at the time. I wanted so bad to know what that meant. How would I even go about accomplishing a gargantuan task such as this. That statement was all I had to work with.

I have to stop there for today... I am revisiting my old neighborhood to interview my friend who owns one of the oldest houses in that area dating back to the 1840's. Yes, this house served time during the Civil War as a clinic for wounded and sick soldiers. I hope to be posting pictures and stories soon...